Information Sharing Event on the Nagoya Protocol on ABS
26-27 November 2012 (Montreal, Canada)

Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues
28-30 November 2012 (Montreal, Canada)

The 2012 annual meeting of the Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues (IASG) will address, among other items, the Group’s responses to current and previous recommendations of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to the Group and the UN system; opportunities for inter-agency collaboration and possible strategic directions; and implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including through the UN Development Group and its guidelines on programming at the country level on indigenous issues. The meeting will be preceded by an information-sharing event on the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit-sharing, which will examine the Protocol’s main provisions, with a focus on those of particular relevance to indigenous and local communities, and the role of indigenous and local communities in the Protocol’s implementation. Visit the IASG meeting webpage … Visit the ABS event webpage …

United Nations Development Group Guidelines on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues
Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Issues, 22 October 2009

The UN Development Group’s Guidelines on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues, available in English, Spanish and French, were prepared by a task team of the Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Issues, a group composed of 31 UN agencies, funds and programmes and other intergovernmental organizations. The purpose of the Guidelines is to assist the UN system to mainstream and integrate indigenous peoples’ issues in processes for operational activities and programmes at the country level. The document includes guiding principles on: traditional knowledge, intellectual property, intangible heritage and cultural expressions; environmental issues including traditional ecological knowledge; health and social security, including traditional medicine or ways of healing; and education, among others. Download the Guidelines [pdf] …

Report of the Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Issues (IASGII)

This report, to be presented for discussion at the upcoming 6th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (14-25 May 2007), summarizes the outcomes of the 15-18 September 2006 meeting of the IASGII. The theme of the meeting was “development with identity”, addressing (a) Indigenous lands, territories and natural resources; (b) Indigenous peoples and technology development/adoption; and (c) Indigenous culture and development. The report explores ways to support achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and contains recommendations on assisting country and regional offices to work in indigenous issues.

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