UN expert on cultural rights calls for more space for people to express themselves in Viet Nam
OHCHR release, 29 November 2013

HANOI, VIET NAM: The UN Special Rapporteur on cultural rights, Farida Shaheed, called on the Government of Viet Nam “to expand the space for people to articulate their views and to ensure they can contribute their knowledge, including their traditional knowledge, to the development of the country.” The Special Rapporteur also urged the Vietnamese Government “to significantly increase its efforts to map and mitigate the negative effects of development schemes so that the country can fully benefit from the strength of the varied cultures of its peoples to promote sustainable development.” “Measures are needed to ensure that the people whose cultural heritage is being used to promote tourism are empowered to manage these activities to their best advantage,” Ms. Shaheed said, adding that “people should not be obliged to perform rather than live their own cultures.” Read the release …