International Law Principles for REDD+: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Obligations of REDD+ Actors
Leonardo Crippa and Gretchen Gordon, Indian Law Resource Center, 2013

This working paper is an update to a working draft originally released in May 2012. It is structured along: legal obligations for States and international agencies engaged in REDD+, including the obligations to respect human rights, and prevent and redress human rights violations, and adopt domestic measures; and rights of indigenous peoples in REDD+, including self-determination and self-government, lands, territories and natural resources, participation in decision-making, free, prior and informed consent, benefit-sharing and effective remedy. Recent policy developments have been taken into account, including the development of the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility’s Readiness Assessment Framework and of the draft Carbon Fund Methodological Framework; the UN-REDD Guidelines on free, prior and informed consent; the ongoing development of the UN-REDD project grievance mechanism; the ongoing revision of the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies. Any feedback should be submitted to dcoffice(at) Download the paper [pdf] …