Implementing Improved Tenure Governance in Fisheries: A Technical Guide to Support the Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security
FAO, preliminary version, September 2013

This guide has been developed to assist in the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines with regard to fisheries in marine and inland waters. It explains the characteristics of the fisheries sector and provides technical guidance, aiming to contribute to the improvement of governance of tenure in fisheries. Special attention is given to small-scale fisheries, considering the sector’s particular importance to food security and nutrition, poverty eradication, equitable development and sustainable resource utilization. Part 1 of the Guide provides explanations with regard to important concepts for understanding tenure in fisheries, including tenure rights, customary and informal tenure systems, and a human rights approach in small-scale fisheries governance and development. Part 2 discusses approaches for how to implement responsible tenure in fisheries and is directed to those who are tasked with implementing the Guidelines in the fisheries sector and for the benefit of small-scale fishing communities. The Guide focuses in particular on issues of concern with regard to tenure in the context of livelihoods of vulnerable and marginalized groups. Download the Guide [pdf] …

Land Tenure Journal
FAO, September 2013

This issue of Land Tenure Journal focuses on governance of tenure in small-scale fisheries. In addition to an article by Anthony Charles on key considerations, it includes case studies from Southeast Asia, Lake Victoria in Tanzania, the Sami in Norway, South Africa and Grenada. The case of tenure rights of fishing communities in marine protected areas is also addressed. Download the issue [pdf] …