The Guide for the Perplexed Entering the Maze of Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore
Anne Gut and Bruno Vitale, September 2013

Authored by two scientists and published under a Creative Commons license, this unusual e-book aims to help “readers/fellow-travellers” to “find a useful and interesting exploratory path through … the huge and ill-defined genetic resources and traditional knowledge and folklore space” and “to find a satisfactory way out of it, at the end.” The authors note they do not imply that the only way to visit and explore these issues is theirs; but they “immodestly believe that the exploratory trip” they propose “will be more amusing and, being less serious, more intensely useful.” Following an introduction to the guide and the methodology used, chapters explore: the present situation, IPRs on one side, TK on the other side; the origins and motivations at the roots of WHO’s involvement in traditional medical knowledge (TMK); TMK in all of its glory and obscurities; loss of control on the TMK methodological paradigm; from TMK to GRTKF and perhaps GRTKFR; alternatives to IPRs?; and conclusions. The authors can be contacted at Download the e-book [doc] … Read an IP Watch article on the e-book …