International Conference on Scaling-Up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights
19-20 September 2013 (Interlaken, Switzerland)

“Scaling-Up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights: An International Conference to Take Stock of Current Efforts, Identify Promising Strategies, and Catalyze New Alliances and Action” aimed to increase the profile and prioritization of community land rights as a global concern and secure commitments to take these strategies forward.  The co-organizers, including Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), International Land Coalition (ILC), Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Oxfam, called on the international community to set a goal of doubling the amount of community land recognized and secured in the next five years. Participants met in plenary and in strategy sessions to discuss the five following themes to securing community land and resource rights: mapping and documentation; legal recognition and empowerment; expanding and leveraging private sector interest in securing community land rights; making community land rights a global priority; and deepening synergies between community land and resource rights and conservation efforts. Strategies emerging from these sessions include: producing a global community land tenure map which identifies the population in each particular area and its boundaries; developing and sustaining national level conversations between all key stakeholders in clarified land rights, including the conservation community, and increasing the dialogue between community land rights and conservation organizations at the global level; identifying and leveraging those private sector actors who have come to recognize the importance of clarified land rights, and then promoting the best practices of these actors, while identifying and discouraging those actors who do not respect community land rights; understanding that legal empowerment has limited value if the legal system is not functional and continuing to invest in proven methods to strengthen legal systems and local governance; understanding that different cultures and systems of governance may not accept a one-size-fits-all approach; and developing ambitious indicators to measure progress on strengthening community land rights, in the context of the current discussions on a new development framework to be launched in 2015. Read the RRI press release … Read the IISD Reporting Services daily web coverage and summary report … Read an IPS article on the conference …