International Expert and Stakeholder Workshop on the Contribution of Indigenous and Local Knowledge Systems to IPBES: Building Synergies with Science
9-11 June 2013 (Tokyo, Japan)

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has released the report of the international expert and stakeholder workshop on the contribution of indigenous and local knowledge systems to IPBES. The workshop was convened by the IPBES Multidisciplinary Expert Panel, co-organized by the United Nations University (UNU) and UNESCO, and hosted by Japan’s Ministry of Environment. The report summarizes discussions on opportunities, challenges and needs with respect to indigenous and local knowledge in the IPBES framework, and identifies appropriate procedures and approaches for creating synergies between science and indigenous and local knowledge in regard to four themes: rethinking relationships between science and indigenous and local knowledge; fundamental aspects of indigenous and local knowledge; principles for engagement with holders of indigenous and local knowledge; and capacity-building needs. The report notes consensus among experts at the workshop that substantial effort is needed to satisfy the IPBES Work Programme objective to develop an adequate and comprehensive set of principles and procedures for building synergies between knowledge systems. Recommendations focus on approaches and procedures for working with indigenous and local knowledge in the IPBES framework, as well as an IPBES conceptual framework itself. In regard to approaches and procedures, recommendations include recognizing indigenous peoples and local communities as having a distinct status as knowledge-holders and rights-holders; putting in place mechanisms to ensure attention to gender-specific knowledge and gender balance; establishing a working group composed of indigenous and local knowledge-holders and scientists; and using a wide variety of media, languages, forums and communication processes to maximize participation and learning from indigenous and local knowledge-holders. The report will be presented for further consideration at the second session of the IPBES Plenary, to be held from 9-14 December 2013, in Antalya, Turkey. Visit the workshop’s webpage … Download the report [pdf] …