Scaling-up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights
19-20 September 2013 (Interlaken, Switzerland)

This international conference aims to increase the profile and prioritization of community land rights as a global concern, catalyze new ideas and alliances, and secure commitments to take these strategies forward in coming months and years. A wide diversity of stakeholders are expected to: share and synthesize strategies and experiences for strengthening and scaling up community land tenure, to develop a better understanding of ‘best practices’ in investing in strengthening community land rights; raise the public profile of community land rights as a global development, environmental, and human rights priority issue, and generate ideas, and action plans to shape key investment and policy processes in ways that better support local land and resource tenure; and, develop new collaborations and alliances around community land tenure issues, including social justice and conservation NGOs, indigenous peoples organizations and networks, rural social movements, private investors and companies, multilateral institutions, and national policy makers. Visit the meeting website … Read the Community Land Rights blog … Follow the meeting’s coverage by IISD Reporting Services …