How indigenous communities are driving sustainable tourism
The Guardian, 22 August 2013

APIA, SAMOA: Faced with the prospect of becoming just another piece of resort real estate, members of the tourism sector in Samoa are coming together to explore ways of enriching their guests’ experience while ensuring that the money they spend directly benefits villages and helps provide livelihoods and hope for local young people. They are discovering that while some capital investment is necessary, the real gains in yield come from valuing who they are, where they are and what makes them “exotic.” Whether they know or acknowledge it or not, they are part of a global renaissance within indigenous communities around the world who have not lost their kinship with the land and water that have sustained them through the millennia.This movement toward conscious travel is about rendering the existing mass tourism model obsolete and co-creating a visitor economy that lives in balance with the natural environment, delivers decent, respectful and enduring livelihoods to its employees, while developing an antidote to the plagues of commodification, diminishing returns, boom and bust. Read the article …