Recognizing local agro-ecological knowledge in sustainable intensification of tree-crop-livestock farming systems
World Agroforestry Centre, August 2013

NAIROBI, KENYA: The brochure examines farming systems in Ethiopia supported under the “sustainable tree – crop – livestock intensification as a pillar for the Ethiopian climate resilient green economy” initiative. It outlines the many threats facing farming systems in Ethiopia including from land degradation, climate change and increased production demands and examines farmer knowledge with regard to tree, crop and livestock interactions. The brochure notes the usefulness of identifying and addressing local knowledge gaps on certain ecological processes and calls for capacity building and farmer-to-farmer exchanges of experience. It is recommended that local knowledge be integrated into sustainable intensification actions, including through the participation of farmers in project processes. However, it is noted that since local knowledge is so location-specific, care should be taken with regard to its blanket application over a large area or multiple project sites. Download the brochure [pdf] …