Traditional and science-based weather forecasts – finding common ground
CGIAR report, March 2013

A project developed by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and partners including the Senegalese National Meteorological Agency, the Agriculture Extension Service and many farmers groups has shown that building bridges between traditional and scientific knowledge can provide valuable impacts when it comes to climate adaptation. Harnessing synergy between traditional and scientific knowledge systems, the project has helped farmers in central Senegal’s peanut growing belt to use seasonal forecasts as a tool for improving crop strategies. It has also provided an opportunity for farmers to explain to meteorologists what seasonal climate information they most needed. As a result, the forecasts have been repackaged to suit local needs. A key lesson to emerge from the exercise was that traditional knowledge can learn from science, and that science can learn from traditional knowledge. The innovative project, organized through a series of workshops and field visits, was careful to respect local weather forecasting systems, which have been handed down through generations. Read the report, including links to further information …