Synthesis Paper: Indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and resources
International Land Coalition, 2013

This brief presents an overview of issues related to indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and resources, including on: the international framework and jurisprudence; regional challenges and opportunities; indigenous women’s rights to lands and resources; and recommendations for ILC engagement on indigenous issues. The synthesis paper refers to a full ILC study, which is available upon request at: info(at) Download the brief [pdf] …

Land Governance in Asia: Understanding the debates on land tenure rights and land reforms in the Asian context
Antonio B. Quizon, International Land Coalition, 2013 | ISBN: 978-92-95093-82-9

This paper examines land tenure systems and legal frameworks in Asia, and the current major debates around processes of land reform and justice for poor land users. It sets today’s systems in their historical context, tracing their roots back to regimes imposed by colonising powers, mainly European, over a 450-year period. The land reform process has remained largely incomplete, but today there is a resurgence of interest. This paper examines various models for reform and their potential to protect rights and access for poor land users. Among the major issues it discusses are women’s access to land, the land rights of indigenous peoples, tenure for forests and public domains, the role of small farms, the phenomenon of land grabbing, and the emerging effects of climate change. Download the paper [pdf] …