Lost Lands? (Land) Rights of the San in Botswana and the legal concept of indigeneity in Africa
Manuela Zips-Mairitsch, IWGIA and LIT, June 2013 | ISBN: 978-87-92786-35-7

This book focuses on a land rights dispute in Botswana: the decision of the High Court of Botswana in the case Sesana v. the Attorney General in late 2006. In this case, 215 individual San claimants took legal steps against their relocation from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve as well as the denial of hunting licenses. Furthermore, they criticized the discontinuation of state infrastructure and welfare benefits. After 130 days of trial and almost 19,000 pages of minutes, this was the most comprehensive case any court in Botswana had ever had. The book shows the limits of the claimants’ legal strategy: although significant progress has been made in recognizing the land rights of indigenous peoples in the last few years, it becomes clear how difficult it is to implement this progress for the benefit of a community’s way of life like the San. Further information … Download the publication [pdf] …