Ignition Stories: Indigenous Fire Ecology in the Indo-Australian Monsoon Zone
Cynthia Fowler
Carolina Academic Press, 2013 | ISBN: 78-1-61163-115-9

In this ethnography, the author describes actual and mythical fire events she witnessed or heard while living with the Kodi of Sumba, Indonesia. These stories are interspersed with ethnographic observations about rituals, descriptions of social relations, analyses of land tenure, and assessments of ecological and historical sources. Chapters include: creating self, society and ecosystems, including the “sociality” of fire; fire history, including from the Kodi perspective; fire mapping; pyrospheres, addressing the links of fire to social relationships; fire in the Kodi cosmos; the ecological effects and management of fire; the taboos and rituals of the Kodi; and governance of forests and fires. Further information on the book … Download a book review by Christian A. Kull, Journal of Political Ecology vol. 20, 2013 [pdf] …