Four communities in Uganda launch inventory making of their intangible cultural heritage
UNESCO release, 2 July 2013

PARIS, FRANCE: With funds from the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund, a project was launched in July 2013 to enable four communities in Uganda to identify their living heritage, as an essential step for its safeguarding. Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, which is responsible for its implementation, will establish a national strategy for inventorying intangible cultural heritage and organize a workshop in the capital in order to train local coordinators on the principle and methodologies of inventorying intangible heritage, while highlighting the importance of the fullest possible involvement of the communities concerned. Members from the Acholi, the Alur, the Basongora and the Ik communities will then be guided by the local coordinators in identifying and documenting their intangible cultural heritage during five months of fieldwork; the results will be included in a national inventory. Read the release …