International Forum on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)
29 May – 1 June 2013 (Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan)

Organized by FAO in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and the government of Ishikawa Prefecture, the three-day forum served as a platform for representatives of governments, international organizations and academia to share their views, experiences and lessons learned about agricultural heritage and its contribution to a sustainable future. During the forum, six new locations were designated as GIAHS: three in Japan (Aso Grasslands of Kumamoto Prefecture, Chagusaba of Shizuoka Prefecture, Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture), two sites in China (Ancient Chinese Torreya of Kuaijishan, Urban agricultural heritage – Xuanhua grape gardens) and one in India, Kuttanad below sea level farming. A high-level session held during the forum resulted in the adoption of the Noto Communiqué, which outlines the goals of the GIAHS Initiative and emphasizes the need to twin the GIAHS sites in developed and developing countries. Read the GIAHS news release … Visit the forum’s website, including links to presentations and outcomes …