Chengdu International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage
14-16 June 2013 (Chengdu, China)

The Chengdu International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage in Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage gathered more than 300 experts, who came together for wide-ranging debates on the achievements and challenges of the first decade of the Convention and on its opportunities and perspectives for coming decades. The meeting adopted the Chengdu Recommendations, in which participants call upon the international community to renew its commitment to the Convention’s fundamental premise that intangible cultural heritage is a guarantee of sustainable development; endorse the declaration of the Hangzhou International Congress held in May 2013 on the theme of “Culture: Key to Sustainable Development,” that inclusive economic development should be achieved through activities focused on sustainably protecting, safeguarding and promoting heritage; call on educators, institutions and policy makers to recognize that intangible heritage has a central place in educational curricula and education systems; recall the countless systems of conflict avoidance and dispute resolution that are part of the intangible heritage of communities worldwide and the contribution they can bring to building and maintaining peace; recall the central role that intangible cultural heritage plays in helping communities to prevent or mitigate natural disasters and recover from such events; acknowledge the central role that knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe play in maintaining sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity and in helping communities to ensure food security and health; and encourage establishing sound and effective safeguarding mechanisms driven by and responsive to communities’ needs and aspirations, and addressing appropriately the relationships between transmission and innovation and between safeguarding and commercial use. Download the Recommendations [pdf] … Read the UNESCO release of 17 June … Read the UNESCO release of 15 June …