Arctic research station design incorporates Inuit knowledge
CBC news, 18 June 2013

NUNAVUT, CANADA: Inuit knowledge and culture have played major roles in the design and function of the $142 million High Arctic Research Station planned for Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Montreal architect Alain Fournier told community members that the design team considered Inuit culture and philosophy in almost every aspect. An outdoor space recalling a Qaggiq, a massive communal igloo, will welcome guests to the station. Fournier said every detail was influenced by people who know the land the best. “For instance, all the main entrances are located in such a way that they are scoured by the wind so snow won’t accumulate. It’s common sense, but it’s common sense based on tradition.” “Having traditional knowledge incorporated in the facility is the most important thing. For youth, it will be an opportunity of identity, [to] know who they are,” said community member Bernice Lyall. Read the article …