World Indigenous Network (WIN) Conference
26-31 May 2013 (Darwin, Australia)

Aiming to “connect indigenous peoples and local communities land and sea managers,” the WIN Conference featured a variety of presentations, discussions and events, including on: plurinationality and territorial self-determination in Ecuador; how cultural sites are complementary to protected areas in Nepal; training courses for indigenous rangers in Amazonia; enhancing coastal ecosystems for Maori; models of local indigenous marine management in the Philippines; connecting indigenous, traditional and local knowledge and science under the IPBES; customary sustainable use under CBD Article 10(c); Laponia world heritage; NSW marine parks and aboriginal cultural fishing; developing an ancestral domain planning framework in the Philippines; the evolution of traditional use of marine resources agreements on the Great Barrier Reef; community protocols; participatory video; and new tools to support indigenous land management, such as the NAILSMA I-Tracker Land Patrol Application. The conference brought together 1200 delegates from countries across the Asia-Pacific region as well as from South-East Asia, South America and Africa. Delegates shared their experiences on how traditional customs have helped them protect their local environments and pass on environment protection practices from one generation to the next. As announced by Australia’s Minister Tony Burke at the WIN Conference, the Equator Initiative will be the interim host of the WIN Secretariat from July 2013. Access papers and audio/video presentations at the Conference … Access media reports on the Conference … Read the release by Australian Minister Tony Burke …