Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change in Africa: Report on Case Studies of Namibia’s Topnaar and Hai||om Communities
Ute Dieckmann, Willem Odendaal, Jacquie Tarr and Arja Schreij
Land, Environment and Development Project, Legal Assistance Centre, March 2013 | ISBN 978-99945-61-49-0

This report examines the impact of climate change on indigenous peoples in Africa and their strategies for adapting to climate change, including the local and traditional knowledge that informs such strategies. It addresses indigenous peoples of the sub-region, including their history, culture and ethnicity, institutions and social organization, livelihoods and traditional knowledge; climatic hazards and impacts; the governance-related context in Namibia, including recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights and traditional authorities, national climate change policies, and access to land and natural resources; and two case-studies on Namibia’s Topnaar and Hai||om communities, with emphasis on impacts of climate change, and traditional knowledge and adaptation. On the basis of lessons learnt, the report also offers a series of recommendations for both communities. Download the report [pdf] … Read an AllAfrica article on the report …