Global Land Forum 2013
23-27 April 2013 (Antigua, Guatemala)

Members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) meeting at the Assembly following the Global Land Forum issued the Antigua Declaration, including a series of commitments related to securing tenure for responsible land governance. The declaration recognises the need for land to be looked at not just as a productive asset, but to be valued for the various functions that it plays, including cultural, spiritual and ecological functions; it highlights that land is a means of establishing the dignity and inclusiveness of people. A notion of territorial development that reflects this multiplicity of functions was the first element of consensus of ILC members. Consensus was also achieved concerning the idea that investment in land is indeed needed, but that models of investment should take into consideration the need to mobilize resources directly from smallholder farmers, as they are uniquely positioned to maintain the integrity of the land, taking into account territorial perspectives. Moreover, noting the impact of increased commercial pressures on land, the territories most at risk are those of indigenous peoples. The rights of indigenous peoples to protect their land must be defended, as land is the source of cultural identity. Through the declaration, ILC members have made the commitment to support indigenous peoples more effectively in their struggle for territorial rights and the protection of their environments. Other issues in focus during the forum included strong support for promoting women land rights and gender justice, denouncing all forms of human rights violations, the importance of environmental sustainability for achieving the right to food, and transparency and accountability in dealing with land issues. Read the ILC press release … Read the Antigua Declaration … Read the Global Land Forum Outcome Statement …