WIPO Negotiators Make Headway on Draft Instrument on Traditional Knowledge
ICTSD Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest, 2 May 2013

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: The 22-26 April meeting of the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC) saw delegates work in informal and small drafting groups in order to whittle down a text fraught with brackets. Though some parts of the text – such as the definition of traditional knowledge – appear to have fewer brackets than before, the document still reflects important disagreements between countries on core issues. One particularly contentious issue under “scope of protection” continues to be a mandatory disclosure requirement in patent applications regarding the origin of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. Another issue that turned heated during the discussions was whether traditional knowledge found in the public domain or that is known and used outside the community is eligible for protection. Read the article …