Arctic Preparatory Meeting for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 2014
23-24 October 2012 (Nuuk, Greenland)

In preparation for the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, representatives of Inuit and Sami peoples met and issued the Nuuk Declaration. In the declaration, they urge for action-oriented outcomes of the World Conference. They reaffirm that traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions and genetic resources are integral parts of indigenous peoples’ right to cultures, livelihoods and identities, and contribute to sustainable development in indigenous territories; emphasize that indigenous languages constitute core elements of their cultures; and call for establishing a voluntary international mechanism to receive and consider communications from indigenous peoples regarding violation of their rights to territories, lands and resources, and their right to self-determination, in order to achieve the UNDRIP’s objectives. The declaration then addresses: indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination; indigenous peoples’ rights to territories, lands, waters, resources and traditional livelihoods; extractive industries; an optional protocol to UNDRIP, to be developed by the UNPFII, outlining a proposed structure and mandate for an international mechanism tasked with overseeing the implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, waters, coastal seas and other resources, and indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination, based on communications submitted by States or by indigenous peoples; further measures for the implementation of rights of indigenous peoples; culture, language, education and health; indigenous peoples’ cross-border rights; and the UN system and international cooperation. Download the declaration [pdf] … Other preparatory meetings for the World Conference …