Community Biodiversity Management: Promoting resilience and the conservation of plant genetic resources
Walter Simon de Boef, Abishkar Subedi, Nivaldo Peroni, Marja Thijssen and Elizabeth O’Keeffe (eds)
Routledge, March 2013 | ISBN: 978-0-415-50220-7

Community biodiversity management (CBM) contributes to the empowerment of farming communities to manage their biological resources and make informed decisions on the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity. This book sets out a clear overview of CBM as a methodology for meeting socio-environmental changes. CBM is shown to be a key strategy that promotes community resilience, and contributes to the conservation of plant genetic resources. The authors present the underlying concepts and theories of CBM as well as its methodology and practices, and ideas for the implementation of farmers’ rights, and introduce case studies primarily from Brazil, Ethiopia, France, India, and Nepal. Contributors include farmers, leaders of farmers’ organizations, professionals from conservation and development organizations, students and scientists. Chapters illustrate the efforts made by communities throughout the world to cope with change while using diversity and engaging in learning processes, and link grassroots efforts with debates in policy arenas. They are organized under the following sections: Community biodiversity management and in situ conservation; Practices contributing to community biodiversity management; People, biodiversity and landscapes; Agrobiodiversity, livelihoods and markets; Participatory crop improvement in a context of community biodiversity management; Community biodiversity management, genetic resource policies and rights; and Community biodiversity management and resilience. Further information …