Towards Co-creation of Sciences: Building on the plurality of worldviews, values and methods in different knowledge communities
Bertus Haverkort, Freddy Delgado Burgoa, Darshan Shankar and David Millar
Nimby publ., New Delhi, 2012 | ISBN: 9788190657044

This book is the product of two international programmes in which NGOs and universities have been working to understand, appreciate, revalue and strengthen endogenous knowledge. Its objective is to stimulate co-creation of sciences through an inter-cultural and inter-scientific dialogue. The book presents ways of knowing in a number of knowledge communities in countries across the globe: Ghana (Ancestral knowledge the rural Dagaba and Gruni ethnic groups), India (Classical Indian health science: Ayurveda), Bolivia (Pacha-centred knowledge of the Aymara and Quechua communities of the Andes), and the Netherlands (mainstream cisgenic potato research at Wageningen University and Research Centre). The presentation is done from the perspective of the knowledge holders themselves, describing their worldviews and ways of learning, the dominant values, the knowledge that has been accumulated by the different knowledge communities, and ways in which these communities agree about the validity of their own knowledge. The authors have sought ways to express and enhance the different sciences by articulating their foundations, and exploring their strengths and weaknesses, and possibilities for improving endogenous ways of knowing. Intra-science learning and action and inter-science dialogue can lead to the co-creation of a plurality of sciences. Further information … Download the book announcement [docx] …