Custodian farmers hold key to agricultural biodiversity conservation
Bioversity International release, 9 February 2013

NEW DELHI, INDIA: A workshop held in New Delhi, India, from 11-12 February 2013 is bringing together 22 tropical fruit tree farmers from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand, to share common experiences and challenges related to conserving and using biodiversity on the farm, while researchers will be presenting related case studies. The purpose of the meeting, hosted by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNEP and Bioversity International, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources and the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority, was to: develop deeper understanding of the roles of custodian farmers in conservation, use and dissemination of agricultural biodiversity; highlight their contribution to the national plant genetic resources system and overall sustainable agriculture development; and raise the visibility and recognition of custodian farmers in the genetic resource management field. The workshop will be followed by a three-day global consultation on the use and management of agrobiodiversity for sustainable food security. Read the press release … Further information on the global consultation on agricultural biodiversity for sustainable food security …