Australia Places Aboriginal Land in Park to Bar Uranium Mining
Environment News Service, 7 February 2013

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: After 34 years of campaigning to keep uranium mining out of their ancestral land of Koongarra, traditional owners witnessed the introduction of a bill repealing the Koongarra Project Area Act – a 1979 law excluding Koongarra from the original boundaries of Kakadu National Park because of its potential to be the site for a uranium mine. Koongarra is an area of native woodland of great environmental and cultural significance, now incorporated within the boundaries of Kakadu National Park, 171 kilometers southeast of the territorial capital, Darwin. The Koongarra uranium deposit is estimated at about 14,000 tonnes. Mining companies, most recently the French company AREVA, have been trying to mine the deposit for decades despite the opposition of traditional owners. Read the article …