New Reports: Global Land Grab Brings Significant Risk to Investors as Communities Respond to Economic Harm, Human Rights Abuses
Rights and Resources Initiative, 5 February 2013

LONDON, UK: RRI launched two new reports at a panel event in London on 5 February 2013. The report Landowners or Laborers: What Choice Will Developing Countries Make? produced by the RRI, highlights the key choice facing developing countries in 2013: whether to embrace a more sustainable development path built on inclusiveness and respect for the rights of all their citizens, or instead to opt for a short-cut, handing out their people’s lands and forests to industrial investors, hoping for faster-paced growth. The inequalities and disempowerment resulting from these extractive political and economic systems are replicating the “resource curse,” in which nations become trapped in poverty and are riven by resentment and internal conflict, with growing risks of political turmoil. If countries choose open and inclusive democratic systems they can avoid this fate. But they will need to recognize local property rights and develop strong civil societies that keep citizens informed and hold leaders to account.

The Financial Risks of Insecure Land Tenure: An Investment View, prepared by The Munden Project, investigates the real financial consequences of investing in land with disputed tenure rights. The findings demonstrate that companies and their investors can face substantial risks when they overlook or underestimate the land tenure contestation in rural areas.

Further information … Download the press release [pdf] … Download the report Landowners or Laborers: What choice will developing countries make? Download the report The Financial Risks of Insecure Land Tenure