Garo women’s traditional knowledge as a response to climate change
Chiara Perucca (ed)
BARCIK, December 2012 | ISBN: 978-984-33-5959-9

This book describes the results of a participatory research development project among Garo people in Bangladesh, implemented by a local NGO. The research activities aimed to record Garo women’s ecological knowledge, giving special attention to its cultural-symbolic context, and exploring the opportunity to give it value as a response to climate change. After presenting the context with regard Garo people, their society and tradition, the book chapters address Garo worldview and practices regarding climate and agriculture; their ecological knowledge; and Garo women’s perception of climate change and adaptive attitude. The conclusions sum up the research findings with regard to Garo women and climate change, their ecological knowledge and its cultural submission, as well as the underlying issues of land tenure and forest biodiversity. Download the book [pdf] …