International Trade in Indigenous Cultural Heritage: Legal and Policy Issues
Christoph Beat Graber, Karolina Kuprecht, Jessica Christine Lai (eds)
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012 | ISBN: 978 0 85793 830 5

This book takes a multi-faceted approach to cultural heritage, incorporating discussion on tangible and intangible, moveable and immoveable elements of indigenous peoples’ culture. From the perspectives of several international legal fields, including trade law, intellectual property, cultural property, cultural heritage law and human rights, the book explores how indigenous peoples could be empowered to participate more actively in the trade of their cultural heritage without being compelled to renounce important traditional values. The national and local legal realities in four jurisdictions (New Zealand, Australia, United States and Canada) lay the scene for a wide-ranging analysis of various possibilities and proposals on how this might be achieved. Part I addresses the methodology and social context; Part II presents international law perspectives; and Part III includes the country reports. Further information …