Community guidelines for accessing forestry voluntary carbon markets
Ben Vickers, Eveline Trines and Erica Pohnan
FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, 2012 | ISBN: 978-92-5-107322-3

These guidelines intend to help smallholders and indigenous and local communities in the Asia-Pacific region to access the forestry voluntary carbon markets. Such communities control large areas of the most environmentally valuable forest areas in Asia-Pacific through formal or customary systems, and are considered to be at the greatest risk of losing out as this new market is being created, or to put forests and their livelihoods at risk. The aim of the guidelines is to create a more even playing field so that these communities and the groups that work on their behalf can make the most of the potential benefits and avoid the dangers of this new market. It is noted that local forest owners and the communities to which they belong must retain control of the decision-making processes. The publication examines a wide range of issues, including free, prior informed consent, land tenure issues and forest use rights, and benefit-sharing. Download the guidelines [pdf] …