Vanuatu’s Traditional Knowledge in Use for Climate Forecasting and Adaptation
Vanuatu National Advisory Board on Climate, 17 November 2012

PORT VILA, VANUATU: The government of Vanuatu is developing a national approach to using traditional knowledge for improved climate seasonal forecasting and adaptation to climate change. The approach involves hybridizing seasonal forecasting based on meteorological science with long term seasonal forecasting based on traditional observations of local animal behavior, plant flowering and fruiting, and cloud and sky indicators. Members of government departments and the Vanuatu Cultural Center met with traditional Tanna weathermen, who showed the government team their own methods for forecasting, specifically how they use local signs and indicators to foretell a coming dry season, intense cyclone or prolonged rainy period. In all, over 100 traditional indicators of weather and climate were documented by the field team and will be used in a first trial of a hybrid forecasting system. Read the press release …