Energy Innovation and Traditional Knowledge
Kirsty Galloway McLean, Ame Ramos Castillo and Brendan Barrett
OurWorld 2.0, 2 November 2012

As many countries are looking towards low-carbon and renewable energy sources, the authors of this article note it is important to remember that harvesting alternative energies can have impacts on local and indigenous communities. However, many indigenous territories have access to tremendous wind, solar, biomass and geothermal resources, and this can provide access to energy sovereignty through innovative solutions by local communities. The article points to research suggesting that problems can arise when indigenous peoples are not involved or consulted in the development and implementation of energy alternatives, and presents examples to that regard. However, if instituted appropriately, renewable energy projects can enhance and maintain traditional livelihoods and also foster local employment. Furthermore, several examples indicate that indigenous communities are very active in spearheading renewable energy initiatives in both developing and developed countries as a means of achieving energy self-sufficiency on their lands and territories. Read the article … Read all the guest articles published under the Traditional Knowledge Bulletin publication programme …