Securing the land rights of indigenous people and poor rural communities
International Land Coalition, 2 November 2012

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON: Taking place from 7-8 November 2012, in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the first Africa Land Forum focuses on the theme “Securing the land rights of indigenous people and poor rural communities.” The forum will highlight key issues in relation to land policy and governance, and serve as a platform for actors to emphasize the critical need to render global, regional and national land policies more pro-poor, inclusive and responsive to the situation of marginalized communities as a path to equitable development in Africa. Although the problem of insecure and poor land access is common to all rural poor communities, indigenous communities are suffering even more. Indigenous communities are victimized by non-inclusive land policies and governance practices. Their culture, mode of life and extremely poor representation in state systems result to their political, economic and social marginalization. Furthermore, indigenous peoples of Africa are mainly pastoralists and hunter-gatherers and the land they occupy and depend on for their livelihoods (which generally relate to, and play an important part in upholding their culture) is often considered as terra nullius (land belonging to no one). This land is therefore increasingly sold or leased to new investors and expropriated for the purpose of the large-scale development initiatives. This continuous dispossession of their land further impoverishes these indigenous communities and threatens their economic, social and cultural survival thereby alienating their right to economic, social and cultural development. Read the release … Further information on the event … Follow live webcast …