COP 11 Side-Events
8-19 October 2012 (Hyderabad, India)

Several side-events organized during CBD COP 11 are of direct relevance to indigenous peoples, local communities and traditional knowledge.

UNU-IAS and its Traditional Knowledge Initiative will be co-organizing a series of events: on 7 October, the third public forum of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) will provide an opportunity for more in-depth discussion of key areas of IPSI collaboration; on 9 October, an event on biodiversity and community health: operationalizing linkages between conservation and development on the ground will highlight the inherent linkages in the conservation of biological resources and various practices relevant to health and development at the community level that enable achievement of various global development objectives; on 10 October, an event on “promoting biological diversity and ecosystem services in socio-ecological production landscapes” will exchange experiences on promoting biodiversity and ecosystem services while enhancing local livelihoods in socio-ecological production landscapes; and on 15 October, the event on “traditional knowledge and area-based management measures in marine and coastal ecosystems” will discuss the importance of integrating TK and social and cultural criteria while developing area-based conservation measures, drawing on experiences from Japan, India, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Senegal.

Other side-events of relevance include: a workshop on achieving Aichi targets through community conserved areas in South-East Asia (9 October); an analysis of international, regional and national laws essential to securing indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ territories and areas (9 October); governance of protected areas (11 October); social and cultural dimensions of marine and coastal protected areas (11 October); a workshop on national federations of indigenous peoples and local communities ready to take conservation authority (11-12 October); recognizing and supporting territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities (12 October); a colloquium on the role of indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ conserved areas (ICCAs) in achieving the Aichi Targets (13 October); ICCAs and food sovereignty (15 October); and strengthening NBSAPs via the appropriate integration of governance issues and conservation capacities of indigenous peoples and local and traditional communities (18 October).

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