Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Caribbean Small Island Developing States: Integrating Local and External Knowledge
Jessica Mercer, Ilan Kelman, Björn Alfthan, Tiina Kurvits, Sustainability 4(8) 2012, 1908-1932, doi:10.3390/su4081908

This paper critically reviews ecosystem-based adaptation approaches in Caribbean small island developing states, focusing on the need to integrate local and external knowledge. Local knowledge tends to be neglected, in particular because it is often viewed by locals and non-locals as being backward or irrelevant in the modern world, compared to external, usually technology-based, knowledge. Even when locals wish to preserve their own knowledge, external lack of respect can mean that local views and ideas are not included in development work. That is not claiming that local knowledge is perfect and should dominate local decision-making. Seeking a balance between local and external views is essential to achieve ecosystem-based adaptation. As such, the paper identifies key gaps, lessons learnt and suggested says forward for integrating local and external knowledge within ecosystem-based adaptation in Caribbean SIDS. Read the abstract … Download the full article [pdf] …