First WIPO Interregional Meeting on South-South Cooperation on Intellectual Property Governance; Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore; and Copyright and Related Rights
8-10 August 2012 (Brasilia, Brazil)

This meeting will provide a forum to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities related to IP governance; genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions; and copyright and related rights in developing countries and LDCs at the national, regional and international levels. It intends to enhance the capacity of policy-makers to take decisions on these subjects and to discuss different policy options and their potential impact on development policies. The meeting will also discuss recent global developments in these fields and facilitate knowledge sharing and dissemination of best practices and experiences among developing countries and LDCs. It will address national experiences in the protection of traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions and genetic resources, and will discuss how to facilitate international cooperation, in particular South-South cooperation, in using the IP system for their protection. Visit the meeting’s website …