Forests and People First: the need for universal REDD+ safeguards
Greenpeace, 26 June 2012

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: Greenpeace has launched a consultation document on REDD safeguards. Called “Forests & People First”, the initiative proposes a set of minimum safeguard standards for REDD and other forest and climate programmes. It is noted that a number of REDD+ countries have begun to develop their own national safeguard standards, a development that – if carried out in a participatory, transparent manner and in compliance with international obligations – is to be strongly encouraged. However, while taking into account national circumstances, common ground is needed at international level in order to ensure consistency if we want to reduce and halt deforestation globally. A robust international framework can help forest countries in developing their own national systems and generate confidence from the international community and investors. The document includes a matrix comparing the various multilateral safeguard policies on REDD. Comments are requested by 2 September 2012, to: Read the release … Read a Redd-Monitor article on the issue …