Indigenous Message to Rio+20: Leave Everything Beneath Mother Earth
AlertNet, 12 June 2012

UXBRIGE, CANADA: Indigenous leaders from all over South America are making their way by foot, canoe and eventually on buses to be part of the Kari-Oca Caravan to Rio de Janeiro, for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20. The World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Territories, Rights and Sustainable Development or Kari-Oca II will be held from 14-22 June 2012 in a traditionally constructed conference village built by Brazilian indigenous peoples, five kilometres from the official Rio+20 conference facility. “Kari-Oca” means “white man’s house” in the Tupí-Guaraní language. It was the term used by the indigenous peoples living in the area where the city of Rio de Janeiro now stands to refer to the first settlements built by Portuguese colonisers. The Inter-Tribal Committee of Brazil, which is hosting the meeting, expects it to draw some 600 indigenous participants from around the world, who will prepare their message and recommendations to the high-level segment of Rio+20 taking place from 20-22 June. Read the article …