International Law Principles for REDD+: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Legal Obligations of REDD+ Actors
Leonardo Crippa, Gretchen Gordon
Indian Law Resource Center, May 2012

Produced as a starting point aiming to stimulate further discussions on REDD+, international law and indigenous rights, this paper identifies a pathway to implement a human rights-based approach to development within REDD+ initiatives. It identifies the applicable international legal obligations and the rights of indigenous peoples that must be protected, aiming at educating governments, international agencies and other actors engaged in REDD+, as well as potentially affected indigenous communities regarding the human rights implications of these initiatives. It covers rights related to: self-determination and self-government; lands, territories and natural resources; participation in decision-making; free, prior and informed consent; benefit-sharing; and effective remedy. Download the paper [pdf] …