Guyana’s Wapichan tribe map their way toward a greener future
AlertNet, 28 April 2012

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA: The Wapichan, one of Guyana’s indigenous peoples, have unveiled a digital map of their territories as part of a project aimed at protecting 1.4 million hectares (5,400 square miles) of the country’s rainforest and preserving the community’s culture and language. The 10-year mapping project is part of a longstanding campaign to gain legal recognition of Wapichan rights to their traditional lands. But by protecting the pristine rainforest, the community also aims to play its part in environmental conservation and efforts to curb climate change. The new digital map was created by members of the tribe using GPS technology to plot the location of key livelihood, spiritual and cultural heritage sites that hold deep importance to the people and sustain their way of life. Read the article …