Connecting the dots: youths, climate adaptation and indigenous knowledge
Maxwell Mkondiwa, CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security blog, 2 May 2012

HANOI, VIETNAM: Reporting from 6th Community Based Adaptation Conference, held from 16-22 April 2012, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Maxwell Mkondiwa writes on the session on vulnerable and indigenous communities. The nexus between indigenous knowledge, youths and climate change was underscored to be difficult to study considering the rapid erosion of indigenous knowledge among the youth. The first question is whether indigenous knowledge is worth studying or tapping into. The other difficult question is why to take a youth perspective when it is known that indigenous knowledge resides in the minds of the old community members. When doing research that combines both climate science, youth’s knowledge and indigenous knowledge, the challenge is whether we have proper study tools. Read the post …