Program Officer, Climate Change Responses that Strengthen Rural Communities
Ford Foundation, April 2012

NEW YORK, USA: The Program Officer will be responsible for implementing, monitoring, and coordinating grant making activities in the Climate Change Responses that Strengthen Rural Communities portfolio, which seeks to promote international and national climate change policies related to forests and rural land use that benefit low-income rural communities, particularly indigenous communities, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The program strategy within this portfolio is designed to influence the climate change policies of major international agencies and organizations, national governments, and large private companies in ways that favor disadvantaged rural communities. This includes policies that help such communities to gain secure access to land and forests, earn income from climate change funds, and improve their local institutions while providing safeguards that ensure climate change policies don’t affect them adversely. Particular attention will be given to policies related to Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) and to biofuels. The Program Officer will develop grant making and other program activities to implement three strategies to achieve program goals: 1) supporting research and development efforts to build the case for appropriate policies; 2) promoting communications campaigns and other activities that directly advocate a pro-poor approach to rural climate change policies; and 3) strengthening networks of groups and individuals that support pro-poor climate change approaches. This position includes a high-level of participation, on behalf of the Ford Foundation, in the Climate and Land Use Alliance. Ideal candidates will have significant experience in the fields of environmental policy, community-based natural resource management, rural development, and/or global commodity markets, with a combination of policy analysis, advocacy, communications, and implementation experience. The deadline for applications is 21 May 2012. Further information …