UN Commission on the Status of Women, 56th session
27 February – 9 March 2012 (UN Headquarters, New York)

The Commission on the Status of Women adopted a resolution entitled “Indigenous Women: key actors in poverty and hunger eradication.” In the resolution, the Commission urges States to: take particular measures to promote and strengthen policies and programmes for indigenous women with their full participation and respect for their cultural diversity; support the economic activities of indigenous women, in consultation with them and taking into account their traditional knowledge, so as to improve their situation and development, in particular by enhancing their equal access to productive resources and agricultural inputs; ensure the realization of the right of indigenous women and girls to education, and promote a multicultural approach to education that is responsive to the needs, aspirations and cultures of indigenous women; and respect, preserve and promote, where appropriate, the traditional knowledge of indigenous women with respect to medicine, including the conservation of their vital medicinal plants, animals and minerals. Read the resolution … Visit the meeting’s website …