International Fund for Cultural Diversity: Third Call for Funding Requests
UNESCO release, 16 March 2012

UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity launched its third call for funding requests for programmes/projects and preparatory assistance requests. For the purpose of the Fund, eligible programmes and projects are activities that have been elaborated and are ready to be implemented pending funding approval, while preparatory assistance activities are those that enable programme/project elaboration. The Fund will support those programmes and projects that are designed to: facilitate the introduction of cultural policies that protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions and, where appropriate, strengthen the corresponding institutional infrastructure; strengthen existing cultural industries; and foster the emergence of new cultural industries. In specific cases, the Fund will support such activities that aim to protect cultural expressions at risk of extinction, under threat or in need of urgent safeguarding, or that provide capacity-building opportunities. Government authorities and NGOs from developing countries that are Parties to the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, as well as international NGOs are eligible to apply. All funding requests are to be sent to the relevant National Commissions for UNESCO or other official channels designated by the States Parties, by the deadline set at the national level, who will then submit them to the Secretariat of the Convention. The deadline for the Secretariat of the Convention to receive funding applications from National Commissions is 30 June 2012. Read the release, including links to further information … Visit the Fund’s website … Further information on how to apply …