The use of indigenous knowledge in minimizing human-wildlife conflict: the case of Taita community, Kenya
Daniel M. Mwamidi, Shem M. Mwasi and Abdrizak A. Nunow
International Journal of Current Research Vol. 4, Issue, 02, February 2012

Taita community in Kenya inhabits the Taita-Taveta County of which two thirds is occupied by Tsavo East and West National Parks. There is increased human-wildlife conflict which has led to loss of human lives and of wildlife, as well as of properties, and is threatening livelihoods. The community’s indigenous knowledge on human-wildlife conflict minimization is fast disappearing as it remains in the custody of a few community elders and, if not documented may soon disappear. This study documents this knowledge through qualitative interviews with elders living within the parks’ neighborhood. Data analysis showed elders’ explanations on the important role of indigenous knowledge in minimizing human-wildlife. The authors recommend use of indigenous knowledge in synergy with scientific knowledge in wildlife management. Download the article [pdf] …