The Jarawa Tribal Reserve Dossier: Cultural & Biological Diversities in the Andaman Islands
Pankaj Sekhsaria and Vishvajit Pandya (eds)
Kalpavriksh and UNESCO LINKS Programme, 2010

In this dossier, the focus is on the Jarawa of the Andaman Islands, who represent a small but extremely important group. Their locale has had a history of many centuries, which has intersected with the colonial presence, independent India, other indigenous groups and much else. Fundamental is the incomparable richness of the diversity of their lands and waters that surround the islands. The articles in this volume present details of the richness of the area, the diversity and the importance of the flora, fauna and aquatic life. Some of these articles should be eye-openers for those who are conscious of the threat to many of these species. This discourse is educative in recognizing that the Jarawa and their livelihoods are commensurable with high biological diversity and ecological balances. A recent change in Jarawa relations with the outside world now threatens the integrity of the reserve. The Jarawa have decided to end their voluntary isolation and to mix more freely with outsiders. This has enormous implications for both the biodiversity of the reserve and the Jarawa themselves. It thus becomes crucially important to understand the complex interactions between the Jarawa, their environment, and the increasingly intrusive cultures surrounding the reserve. Only through an interdisciplinary approach can such linkages be understood, and perhaps to some extent managed. Download the book [pdf] …