Draft REDD+ SES Version 2
REDD+ SES Initiative, 9 February 2012

WASHINGTON DC, USA: Comments are invited on the draft REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards (SES) Version 2 from 9 February until 9 April 2012. The draft will be revised in response to comments received and a second public comment period is planned for May and June 2012 before finalization of REDD+ SES Version 2. The draft includes principles of relevance to indigenous peoples and TK, including: recognition and respect of rights to lands, territories and resources; equitable benefit-sharing; improvement of well-being of indigenous peoples and local communities; full and effective participation of relevant rights holders and stakeholders; and compliance of the REDD+ programme with applicable local and national laws and international conventions.

The REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards initiative aims to build support for government-led REDD+ programmes that make a significant contribution to human rights, poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation. Further information, including links to documents and possibility to comment … Further information on the REDD+ SES initiative …