Ecosystem Services from Satoyama, Satochi, and Satoumi Landscapes: Strategies for a Nature-Harmonious Society
30 January 2012 (UNU Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan)

The objectives of this symposium were to present the findings of a three-year research project on “Ecosystem Services Assessment of Satoyama, Satochi, and Satoumi to Identify a New Commons for a Nature-Harmonious Society,” supported by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, and undertaken since 2009. This research is intended to assess the ecosystem services derived from satoyama, satochi, and satoumi landscapes (socio-ecological production landscapes in Japan) and to propose modalities in managing biodiversity and ecosystem services as a new commons to finally provide policy options for realizing a nature-harmonious society. The symposium further provided the opportunity to discuss modalities in which the ecosystem services from those landscapes can be used and managed on a sustainable basis under today’s globalized and changing world. In addition to the key research findings, international perspectives and insights on ecosystem services from the Japanese landscapes were presented. Participants also addressed the implications of the recent disaster in Japan and its impacts on the ecosystem services, to explore policy options for a nature-harmonious society. Further information … View the webcast …