On the frontlines of climate change: Sami reindeer herders
UNESCO media release, 19 December 2011

PARIS, FRANCE: The Laponian Area World Heritage Site, in the Arctic Circle region of northern Sweden, is the home of the Sami, or Lapp people. It is the largest area in the world (and one of the last) with an ancestral way of life based on the seasonal movement of livestock, now threatened by global change. A collaborative Climate Frontlines research project involving the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle and Sami reindeer herders focused on their nomadic livelihoods, the impact of climate change on the forests and animal species of the North and potential solutions that different stakeholders, especially farmers, are advocating. The research has contributed to an understanding of the impacts of climate change on Sami reindeer herders and different coping strategies available. Read the release …